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For the last 6 years we have had a success rate of almost 100% when it comes to watching the stars' beautiful ballet. The starlings move and it can be difficult to find them on their own. Of course, we can not guarantee that you see Black Sun, but almost. For the past 6 years, our guests have seen the beautiful dance of the starlings every time.


Black Sun is a completely unique natural phenomenon that can be seen in spring and autumn, when starlings on the move gather in large flocks for overnight stays. Especially in Tøndermarsken in southwestern Denmark. Just before the starlings go down to earth for the night, the large flocks form patterns in the sky that almost darken the sun, hence the name black sun. Black sun can also be experienced outside the marsh, but not to such a pronounced degree. The phenomenon, which lasts for about twenty minutes, usually ends no later than an hour after sunset, when the starlings have settled in the roof pipes. The overnight flocks in Tøndermarsken can sometimes accommodate more than 1 million birds. However, if they grow larger than 500,000 birds, they usually split up. The reason why the starlings fly in droves is not known exactly. One theory is that starlings are nearsighted and have forward-looking eyes, which means they may have difficulty detecting enemies. Their eye placement is ideal when it comes to focusing on an object, a food item, in front of them, but less advantageous when enemies need to be spotted. In the large flocks, the starlings are probably better able to repel attacks from birds of prey.


The Tønder marsh in southwestern Southern Jutland is about 2,500 ha. Denmark's largest contiguous meadow area. The marshland has a rich bird life and a very varied flora. In Margrethe Kog there is a saltwater lake with many waders. The landscape is characteristic of the marsh areas along the North Sea. The water level in large parts of the unique Tøndermarsk was lowered in the spring of 2009 because farmers diverted the water away from the area. The high water level otherwise benefits the important bird life in the area. The Danish Ornithological Society has previously complained to the EU about Denmark's administration of the Tønder Marsh, and in 2003 the EU Commission took the first step in bringing a case against Denmark before the European Court of Justice. Following a number of improvements by the public sector, the European Commission decided in November 2012 to close the case.

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You will experience

We meet in Højer from where we drive together via a common bus to experience one of Denmark's most visited areas of Sort Sol.

Black Sun can at times be experienced in flocks of up to 1.5 million starlings.
On the trip there will be a dedicated bird guide who can tell and explain every little phenomenon that the birds go through.
The guide is local and knows the area very well, and will therefore be able to answer almost any question whether it is about the Wadden Sea, the marsh or about the birds.

Practical information

  • Guided Black Sun by bus
  • With few registrations, the guided tour can take place in your own car.
  • We recommend warm, wind and waterproof clothing, as well as practical footwear (possibly rubber boots)
    Please bring binoculars and seat pad / cushion

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We stay here:

Torvet 7 - Højer
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