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2 hours

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Jump off and on as you please and plan your day on Rømø exactly as you want. On the trip you get around to as many as 9 stops, which show you the most unique and eventful places on Rømø, where you can freely hop on and off throughout the day.


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From: DKK 100,00

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Tour ticket

With a tour ticket you get 2 hours with Rømø Tours. The tractor bus shows you all 9 places on Rømø that are indispensable to see when visiting the island. With a tour ticket, we therefore guarantee experiences for everyone when our tractor bus shows you Rømø for 2 hours.

2 hours - 9 stops

With a tour ticket, you get 2 hours by tractor bus around Rømø. On the trip you get around to as many as 9 stops, which show you the most unique and eventful places on Rømø.

Family friendly

With Rømø Tours, we guarantee experiences for the whole family, young and old. Take a stop at the beach and build beautiful sand castles with the kids or have a game of golf, followed by a delicious dinner at Restaurant Ø at Enjoy Resorts.

Beautiful view

On the trip you will pass the most iconic areas on Rømø, which will undoubtedly impress and appeal to using the camera or binoculars. With the island's unique wildlife, there is something for everyone.

Local guides

With Rømø Tours, we always make sure that there is a local guide on the trip, to tell about Rømø's distinctive nature and history.


What can you experience at the different stops?

Stop 1 - The ferry berth at Havneby
Havneby is the ferry berth, where the ferry arrives and departs from Havneby Rømø and Sylt. Rømø Tours is synchronized with the ferry and has 4 daily departures, which fit with the Sylt ferry.

Stop 2 - Havneby
In the town of Havneby, you have the opportunity to visit the modern town square environment, with cozy restaurants e.g.
Havneby kro is Rømø's oldest eatery, where you can enjoy delicious local dishes, taste the famous Rømø beer, or take an overnight stay in an unpretentious environment
Frankel 5 is the place where you combine a good restaurant with a good beer with the view of the Wadden Sea towards Sylt
Holm's smokehouse a cozy fish restaurant with its own smokehouse and attached fish shop, where you can always buy fresh and freshly smoked fish.
Also visit Feriepartner - one of the island's leading rental agencies of holiday homes that both rent and rent out holiday homes on Rømø.
Westwind is a store that contains a large and delicious program of sports and outdoor clothing and accessories

Stop 3 - Enjoy Resorts
Enjoy Resorts houses Rømø's largest wellness center, of 2600 m2, an 18-hole pay & play golf course and cozy Restaurant Ø

Stop 4 - The old grocery store

Stop 5 - Tønnisgård
Tønnisgård Nature Center holds experiences and activities for the whole family, in interaction with nature on Rømø.
Also visit Hattesgaard, a cafe with nostalgia, the most delicious homemade cakes and delicacies. Here you can in peace and quiet, enjoy freshly ground coffee or tea among the house's many antiques or on the terrace with wonderful views of the Wadden Sea.

Stop 6 - Dancenter
Dancenter Rømø has a large selection of holiday homes and holiday homes on Rømø.
Rømø Tønder Tourist Information is the place where there are always friendly people to help with questions regarding tourism on Rømø.
Noavasol Rømø - is a modern holiday home rental agency, which both rents out and rents out holiday homes on Rømø.
Rømø autoservice manages most of the cars. Here is a mechanic, service station, kiosk and laundry room. Everything under one roof. You can also choose to get off and visit the National Museum Kommommandgården, a short walk of approx. 15-20 min.

Stop 7 - Lakolk Shopping Center
Lakolk shopping center Rømø is a modern shopping center, which contains a large number of inviting shops and restaurants. Here you will find i.a.
Rømø Supermarket - a local supermarket with a large assortment of groceries.
By Vicky - a modern clothing store with smart clothes for women of all ages and sizes,
Cafe Fru Dax - voted Denmark's best ice house in 2019. Also known for delicious cafe food and street food.
Cafe Retro - New Cafe on Rømø with sausage cart food, retro dishes and cool arcade machines from the 80s

Stop 8 - Lakolk Beach
Lakolk beach is one of Europe's widest sandy beaches, with good bathing opportunities, also for children who can splash around in the many inland lakes.
Rømø Tours runs all the way down to the water, by Trygs Livreddertårn.

Stop 9 - Sct. Clemens Church
Sct. Clemens Church is the island's only church and incredibly beautiful and well maintained. The cemetery reflects the history of the island in a completely unique way.

Included in the trip

  • ticket for a full day
  • Guide that tells about the trip

Practical information

Remember to check times for all stops.

NOTE. A tour ticket is 2 hours and when you book within a time limit, you can board within the hours booked, e.g. if you book between 10.00 and 12.00 and the bus departs at 10.33 from the stop closest to your location, you can expect to be back at 12.33 again.

The ferry berth
  • 10.25
  • 12.25
  • 14.25
  • 16.25
  • 10.33
  • 12.33
  • 14.33
  • 16.33
Enjoy Resorts
  • 10.38
  • 12.38
  • 14.38
  • 16.38
  • 10.43
  • 12.43
  • 14.43
  • 16.43
  • 10.57
  • 12.57
  • 14.57
  • 16.57
  • 11.05
  • 13.05
  • 15.05
  • 17.05
  • 11.17
  • 13.17
  • 15.17
  • 17.17
Lakolk beach
  • 11.28
  • 13.28
  • 15.28
  • 17.28
Sct. Clemens Church
  • 12.05
  • 14.05
  • 16.05
  • 18.05

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The trip is not suitable

  • Wheelchair users



From: DKK 100,00

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