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Cake table festival

Sønderjysk Cake Festival, which will be held in Tønder city center on April 29, 2023


We speak: Danish, German, English

Join us to eat your way through Tønder and the largest South Jutland coffee table of its kind on Saturday 29 April 2023 from 11.00-15.00.

A new festival in Southern Jutland has seen the light of day - and it is even the cutest of its kind. There should be no doubt that we love cake in Southern Jutland. Join us when we dive into the history of the South Jutland coffee table, participate in competitions, enjoy some good music and of course taste a lot of delicious cakes from skilled bakers and confectioners in South Jutland.

You can buy a cut card for Sønderjysk Kagefestival in Tønder online - The cut card gives you access to the full taste experience of the Sønderjysk coffee table and takes you through both the soft and the hard cakes. Among other things, you can experience South Jutland's favorites such as Pomle, Brødtorte & Ingenting.

Such books you:

In our booking module, you must navigate to the month of April. then click on April 29. Remember to select the number of tickets.


Once you have bought your ticket, you can pick them up at the tourist office in Tønder, Storegade 2-4. The tourist office is 300 meters from the festival.
Leaflets are included with the ticket.

You will experience

  • Competition: DM in Brodtorte. - Kl. 12-13. Come and watch or participate in the competition yourself.
  • Competition: The most beautiful coffee table.  - The local hardware stores are vying to make the most beautiful table setting for the South Jutland coffee table. Vote for your favorite.
  • Competition: Draw the prettiest cake man. - The winner gets his own personal cake man made talented students on bakery and pastry education at EUS SYD in Tønder for an optional date.
  • Coffee table flea market: Great coffee and test tea. Get your own stand for the market. Write to The contents of the stand must be related to the coffee table.
  • Food culture in the border country
  • The cake route - Eat your way through 21 cakes from the Sønderjyske coffee table.

Practical information

Some practical information:
Sønderjysk Cake Festival takes place in Tønder city center on 29 April 2023 at 11.00-15.00. By ordering your ticket online, you secure access to the Cake Festival, as they are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Allegade 15 6270 Tønder, Denmark
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