Guided tour in Skulpturhaven and Tønder.

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ca. 1 hour

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Mine. 6 and max. 20. See below for "practical info"

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Take a tour of Tønder's beautiful sculpture garden and get the story behind the 17 sculptures that are a gift to Tønder.


We speak: Danish, German

Great art in the Sculpture Garden in Tønder:

Come on a guided tour and get the whole story

How is it that Tønder has an entire area of sculptures? Why does the grass grow tall around some of the works? Is the artist Per Kirkeby's sculpture really a smoking oven? And why does Prince Henrik's sculpture stand where it does?

On a one-hour walk with one of the city's guides through the Sculpture Garden, you will get answers to all the questions - and get a lot of other good stories on top of that. Both about the works, the artists, the history behind the garden and the area - and perhaps also a robbery story or two. You get stories that add new layers to the experience of the very different works.


About the Sculpture Garden:

Between Vidåen and Tønder's old streets lies the Mayor's Garden, and it is one of the city's pearls, where today there is a whole collection of large and small sculptures by renowned Nordic sculptors. Here, guests are welcome to touch the works of art, which are placed around the garden, and it is also perfectly fine for children to climb on or through some of them. The idea is that the entire garden, with its sculptures, old trees and large lawn, is a place to be used, enjoyed and invited for stays and events. The very diverse sculptures count both smaller works with organic shapes and works several meters high with graphic expressions in materials such as granite, bronze, sandstone and marble.


It all started with DKK 75,000, which was the profit from the Tønder Trade Association's 100-year anniversary in 2006. The association set up an art committee to work to get works of art in the public space in Tønder. Over the years, support and gifts from both individuals and foundations – not least the New Carlsberg Foundation – have made it possible to purchase a total of 17 works by a total of 10 artists, and in 2018 the finished collection could be inaugurated.

Most of the works have a place in the Mayor's Garden. Some are set up at Bachmann's Water Mill, here, among other things, stands the over 6 meter high sculpture 'The King and Queen', while the very first sculpture for the collection stands on Vidåkajen by Hostrup's Hotel. Per Kirkeby's latest sculpture "Stubbekøbing stands at Vidåen". Together the Sculpture Garden in Tønder.

You will experience

A walk in the Sculpture Garden for locals and visitors.

Join Tønder's most beautiful garden with unique and beautiful sculptures.
The tour is accompanied by a guide from Tønder's Art Committee, who tells about the background for "SCULPTURE IN BARRELS" and the sculptures.

For larger group tours, please contact Visit Rømø & Tønder

Practical information

NOTE. If there are fewer registered than 6 per. trip, the trip will be canceled. Of course, the full amount paid will be refunded if this should happen.

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We stay here:

Opposite Hostrups Hotel by the sculpture “Emma”
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