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1 day.

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16 people

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Go on a photo safari and course in the Wadden Sea with one of the main photographers for DR´'s nature series "Wild wonderful Denmark".


We speak: Dansk

Nature photographer and producer.

Come to a photography course and learn how to set up with nature photographer Jan Tandrup Petersen. Jan is a professional nature photographer and has had this job full time for over 30 years. He has produced more than 200 nature films from most of the world and most have been shown in DR. The latest major project has been as one of the main photographers for DR´'s nature series "Wild wonderful Denmark". Jan has traveled with film work in mind around the extremes of the world, Svalbard, Antarctica, Sumatra and the Amazon.

Jan has also produced several nature films in the Wadden Sea National Park where he has spent many hours in hiding waiting for the right recording, and he takes you out to the reed forests where you will experience how the starlings gather in flocks of hundreds of thousands and dance in the sky before they go to rest in the reeds. Experiencing, understanding and photographing the phenomenon of black sun together with Jan and camera is a memorable experience you aging will forget!


Denmark's largest marsh area. The marsh is a distinctive landscape created by the sea and shaped by man. In Tøndermarsken's towns and landscape you can experience a rich building culture, surrounded by magnificent nature, which houses some of Europe's most important bird sites, including the large flocks of starlings that gather in the marsh for a short time in spring and autumn.


located on a hill island at the edge of the marsh behind the outer dikes. From here you can look out into the humid low-lying marsh to the south and west. The town originated in the Middle Ages and served early as a port of call for merchant ships and oyster boats. Højer is rich in architectural cultural heritage, and the city center contains one of the country's highest concentrations of listed and worthy of preservation buildings.

Marskgården Højergård.

is a newly restored classic marsh farm in West Schleswig building style and is built as a longhouse. The building has previously been part of a larger courtyard with several buildings and has for a period been four-story. Today, Højergård consists of the farmhouse from 1823, an older barn from the 18th century to the east, a villa from 1906 to the north and a new one from 2019 to the west.

You will experience

  • 1 night at Højergård (single room)
  • Transport to and from photo trips
  • Introduction with experienced nature photo guide
  • Dinner / breakfast / Coffee and tea / water
  • Small groups of 16 participants in their own room with bath.

PROGRAM: (Bus departure to black sun follows sunset times)

  • 15:00 Check-in Højergård
  • Welcome and introduction to nature photo safari and the Wadden Sea with Coffee and sweet.
  • Departure from Højergård by bus to the Wadden Sea and first photo location.
  • Bird and nature location with storytelling and introduction
  • Return to Højergård
  • Dinner at Højergård - (Drinks can be purchased)
  • Evening together with Coffee / tea and sweet- Plenum photo showing and safari stories on the big screen
  • Breakfast
  • Morning bird photo trip at Vidåslusen -
  • Lunch before departure
  • 13:00 check-out and see you again

Practical information

MEETING PLACE AND PARKING: Højergård, Torvet 1. 6280 Højer

Warm and practical clothes and shoes.

Your own photo equipment. Remember Pass. We might have to cross the border into Germany to see the starlings.

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We stay here:

Højergård, Torvet 1. 6280 Højer
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