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All our tours are from local guides who for many years have experienced knowledge and experiences from our area.

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Come and hear about the city that almost grew out of the ground in the heart of
Southern Jutland as a result of the war in 1864.

During the tour you will get an insight into the city's soul, people and history through
1000 years. It's also going to be a bit about Reunification.

Come and hear him talk about his many business adventures. He tells about
some of his former colleagues, about trolls, about the area below, before and
after him. An area that has been inhabited for approx. 6,000 years.

Take a walk around Tønder's beautiful sculpture garden and get the story behind the 15 sculptures that were a gift to Tønder.

Kagmandens tours take place in most of Downtown Tønder / “Det Gamle Tønder” ie. the part of the city that lay within the city gates from 1040 - 1863.